Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Final Fantasy XIII-3 Should Happen (An Open Letter to Square Enix)

(Note: I am holding off on my review of XIII-2 until the Lightning DLC that's supposed to tie up the story comes out.) (I'm not sure I'm using the open letter thing correctly. Whatever.)

Ok, so, if you read my other, personal blog (which I swear I will start updating again), and you read between the lines (and not so in between), you'll know that I have a history of (undiagnosed; come-and-go) depression. (This ties in to why XIII-3 should happen, though it's not the only reason.)

(I will keep it as vague as possible to avoid spoilers.)

The ending to XIII was great. Bittersweet because of Fang and Vanille, but great. It left it open for a XIII-2. I had (almost) no problems with XIII (aside from F/V, only a minor gameplay aspect, levelling, irritated me).

XIII-2 had the potential to give us the (really) happy ending that I personally wanted (in any way), though it wasn't necessary. It really didn't.

Here's why:

The main story (Lightning's/Serah's) wasn't truly resolved. I mean, in a way, Serah's was, but Lightning's, the whole reason Serah went on the journey that was XIII-2, was not in any way.

And then there's the Fang/Vanille aspect.
**spoiler** At the end of XIII, they sacrificed themselves to save Cocoon. While this left me sad, I was ok with it because they did it to save their new family and home. **end spoiler**
Their XIII ending had their fate beyond XIII up in the air, which is where XIII-2 could have come in. Instead, they were really only a minor side story that got no conclusion. Which leaves it open for XIII-3.

Back on why XIII-3 should happen.

XIII-2's ending...well, let's just say it left me incredibly sad/angry (not a good thing, even when I'm in a good place). I was ok with Serah (even though it made me sad); she knew what the consequences might be and went on to do what was necessary to save the world.

But Lightning's ending? That just pissed me off.

Post-XIII Lightning wouldn't have ended things the way she did. She would have kept pushing. Remember? She said: "We live to make the impossible. That is our Focus."

There are many ways that XIII-3 could resolve everything in a neat, orderly, fantastic way.

Here's what I thought:
Ok, so, at the end, Lightning turned herself to crystal with one wish in her heart (whatever that was, we can work with it).

Here's where I was thinking we take that: the original goddess, Mwynn, who died according to the mythology, did not die and instead hid herself away until the end of time (ie: XIII-2), comes back, sees Lightning and Noel (who, following the events of XIII-2, went out in search of Lightning, found her in crystal stasis and then turned himself to crystal) and, with the last of her strength, brings them, Fang, and Vanille, (they'll come in later) out of their crystal stasis to destroy Bhunivelze, her son, who was brought back to life by Lindzei following the end of XIII-2, as he instructed her.

Light and Noel go out in search of Fang and Vanille, finding them in what used to be Oerba, waiting for them. The four then go on to destroy the fal'Cie (known as gods by the people) Pulse, Bhunivelze's protector, Lindzei, and Bhunivelze himself, thus bringing balance back into the universe. (Obviously, there'll be conflicts, side stories, etc.)

In doing this, the quad are flung back to after Cocoon fell (after XIII-2 and XIII-3, but before the actual time happened?), Fang and Vanille along with Noel waiting for Lightning and the others to wake from their crystal stasis. The crystal pillar is still intact, though without F/V in it and Noel, having changed the future and the past, should no longer exist but does as a gift for having brought balance back (or whatever) is waiting to start his new life with the others.

The trio go to Lightning and the others' crystals and tells them to wake up. They do and they all remember what happened in XIII-2 and XIII-3. Life goes on.

It's good, right???

Everything resolved, balance restored, everyone happy.

Come on, Square Enix. PLEASE I am BEGGING you, PLEASE make Final Fantasy XIII-3. You can even use my story, free of charge!! (Ok, well, not free of charge, but, honestly, I'm not asking for much. I want the limited/collectors editions of the game and guide for the 360 and the soundtrack for this and XIII, I've got XIII-2. And maybe a job as a writer for you? DREAM JOB right there!!)

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